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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Saturday, August 26

Me And My Sour Apple - Multi Billion Silliness

So I have been laughing at my colleague and his Dell, the one that runs Windows with all the system crashes you get with that. And also the Dell that is at risk of sudden explosion due to Sony's battery cock-up.

Then came the news my pretty Mac workhorse also has a dodgy battery. Great!

So I dutifully go to the Apple website to request my battery swap. Turns out within hours the site is so busy it can't even process a simple form. Try again later...

Later on Firday I have success, the form processes my request and indeed my Powerbook is eligible for the Battery Exchange Program. But my battery isn't! Even though according to the visual guides on how to determine which batteries are affected, my battery falls well within the criteria.

As you can see my battery Serial Number is 6n5482kdthuc. Now look at the instructions:

15-inch PowerBook G4 Model: A1078 and A1148 Series: 3K425 - 3K601 6N530 - 6N551

I rang them and after waiting a fair bit (without indication of any queue being present) I was told the website indeed was broken as far as the form was concerned so I was told to go to my (not so) nearest authorized service centre. No thanks!

So I keep trying and trying and it doesn't work... For all the billions they make, they can't even get a simple regular expression right in their form handler...

Edit: The sneaky devils have updated the descriptions and now my battery seems safe! They have extended the description of the matching battery serial numbers with ending characters and mine JUST falls out of the range... Saga over, I hope! So they had the form correct after all, they only had the panic letter wrong. Sigh...