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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Monday, July 17

Gumtree... And the lower end of the food chain!

A Mac Mini has been high on my 'to snap up' list for some time. The G4 versions are excellent value for little money in my opnion. I've monitored eBay for months and the price seems stable, just above what I fancy spending on one. So every now and then I venture out of the auction and classifieds comfort zone...

Selling on eBay, with it's spaghetti junction of GUI unintuitiveness (if that word exists), isn't always the easiest. Gumtree however, must be a no-brainer. The following uncensored (sorry) e-mail correspondence between myself and a seller of a Mac Mini is testimony to the fact that brains are not required on Gumtree!

The ad goes:

mac mini for sale (£225)

brand new mac mini for sale, 40gb hard disk, dvd combo drive,bonus( microsoft office come free with it).please mail for details

Pretty cheap so I'm hooked...



Which version is it? G4 or Intel?



its the g4 with microsoft office in it.thx



Which CPU speed?


check any mac mini in google, u will have an idea. thx


Yeah right, that's like 'Google vauxhall, you'll get an idea' but it could be a shitty shopping trolly or a 250BHP monster.

Good luck selling it, if you don't know what it is.


u bastard the mac office cost100 only or more together wiz the mouse and keyboard is 60, so if u dont want it fuck off and piss off, u fucking indian bastard

That's how I left it :D (as effin' Indian bastards wisely do)

PS Excuse me French...