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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Wednesday, March 29

Bluetooth to Linux to Mac with Wake on LAN

I got bored with the usual routine of coming home, grabbing my Powerbook and then having to boot it up, waiting for everything to come to live. The same counts for at the office where when I open up I normally boot up all machines individually.

Here's the neat solution I will implement when I move into my new place.

My current Win XP box will become my 24/7 on home server, running stand alone, no keyboard, monitor etc. But instead of Windows, it will run some flavour of Linux. I want to run Asterisk@Home on it and maybe a simple webserver for my Phidgets web services or a firewall. It will also run an app that looks out for my phone via bluetooth.

And that's where the solution is. When I come home it will detect I come in range. That's when the Linux box will send it's magic packets to the Powerbook and Mac Mini to wake them up from their sleep. From what I've read, Apple for some reason decided to not enable the WOL technology fully, Macs can only be woken up from sleep, not from full power down (in contrast to PCs). But luckily, a sleeping Mac Mini draws only 3W anyway.

It can even then tell the Roomba Robo-vac to stop vacuuming and crawl back to its homebase. Fully automatically and wireless!

Enter the premises, everything boots / wakes up, and by the time I take off my coat everything is ready to rock. From there Applescripts can launch whatever I normally would do first. Viola! Embrace technology!

I'll report back when it's up and running in a few weeks...