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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Sunday, December 31

Multi-Tagged - Multi-Lingual

I got back from end-of-year Holidays and found out I had not escaped the Blog Tag Craze of late. It was fun reading the deep secrets of my forum buddies, like Shawn, Summer and Jeremy, who all got tagged weeks back. It was Jeremy a.k.a. GuyFromChicago who tagged me. EDIT: Only just noticed that Bulbboy also tagged me! Sorry for not paying attention to my comments!

Almost at the same time, my dear aunt Marleen tagged me via her Dutch blog.

So today I'll fulfill my blogger duties and spill the beans both in English for the entertainment of my fellow computer nerds as well as in Dutch for my family. The English version requires just 5 facts that others don't know about me, the Dutch version tells me to share 6 things about myself that are likely to be considered strange, odd and unconventional. I'll now loosely translate the above for my Dutch readers...

Na de Kerst periode in Nederland doorgebracht te hebben kwam ik er terug in Engeland achter dat ik 'ge-blog-tagged' was door een van m'n online vrienden, Jeremy. Een tijdje terug is iemand begonnen met 5 dingen te bloggen over zichzelf die waarschijnlijk nog niemand wist en aan het einde commandeerden ze 5 andere bloggers om hetzelfde te doen. In dezelfde week bleek Marleen ook prooi te zijn gevallen aan eenzelfde blog ketting achtig idee via Mirjam en ook zij koos mij als volgende slachtoffer of speler, hoe je het ook maar wilt noemen. Dus ik combineer deze twee gelegenheden en blog vandaag in het Engels en Nederlands. Gelukkig dat geen Fries me dit geflikt heeft :)

OK here we go... Jeremy's tag request first, 5 things not many will know about me, aimed at the webmaster world.

1. I'm a fully qualified lifeguard. My First Aid certificate has since expired (requires regular re-examination) but I'm probably still the best guy to be with you in the car when you find yourself plunging off a bridge or when you disappear in a whole in the ice whilst taking up the challenge of the almighty Elfstedentocht a.k.a. Eleven City Tour.

2. My webmaster career started off with a massive failure. Whilst being bored at uni I taught myself PHP and MySQL and coded a fantasy league for wakeboarding - similar to the very popular football (soccer) versions here in the UK. It being my first PHP effort and not expecting 80 thousand pageviews and hundreds of sign-ups on launch day, the whole thing crumbled a few fixtures into the season. Working on it 17 hours a day couldn't even put it back on the rails - it had too many fundamental flaws. In very poor defeatist fashion I completely chickened out and abandoned the whole project without explanation to my many hundreds of contestants. If only I knew PHP and MySQL as well as I do now or how to monetize a website. Such a n00b I was back then... Many lessons learned though, personally, business-wise and technically!

3. More than once I was regional champion gymnastics in the county of Friesland in Holland and (this always gets many laughs) I was once 10th in the Dutch finals of Draughts (UK-en) / Checkers (US-en) as part of a team of 4 in the school championships. Kids nowadays play WoW, I played draughts. Eat that.

4. A nice guy I only ever met online has sent me a 32" Sony Bravia LCD TV for free last month. No, I did not perform live on webcams doing dodgy stuff in exchange :D

5. Early 2002 I couldn't afford food more expensive than Sainsbury's 19p white loaf of bread and I paid the bus fare to my first UK based job that same month in 1 and 2p coins, literally the last money I had. 4 years later at age 24 I bought a house. I am determined to own 3 in 2008.

Next, Marleen's tag/stokje request, 6 things that the average Joe probably finds out of the ordinary about me. I'll do this one in Dutch first, then English.

1. Dutch - Anderhalf jaar geleden heb ik 5 dagen gevast, alleen op water geteerd. Dit komend jaar wil ik er 8 doen. English - a year and a half ago I did a 5 day water-only fast. In 2007 I will do at least 8 days in a row.

2. Dutch - Ik kan het alfabet in het Nederlands achterstevoren opzeggen, net zo snel als in normale volgorde. English - I can say the Latin Alphabet backwards as fast as forwards. In Dutch, not (yet) in English.

3. Dutch - Ik ben er heilig van overtuigd dat Apollo 11 niet was wat NASA ons doet willen geloven. English - I'm convinced the Apollo 11 mission didn't accomplish what the world was led to believe.

4. Dutch - Ik moest een traantje of twee wegpinken toen ik de opening van Tiësto live in het Gelredome hoorde, ik heb er nog steeds veel spijt van dat ik dat heb gemist! English - I got emotional to the tune of crying a little when hearing the opening of Tiësto's live concert in Arnhem. Being one of his biggest fans I regret to this day not having flown out to Holland to come and be part of history that night.

5. Dutch - Meer dan 10 keer heb ik in de London Eye gezeten. English - I've been in the London Eye more than 10 times.

6. Dutch - 3 Dagen wintersport heb ik liever dan een week op het strand! Tenzij er gegolfsurfd kan worden misschien. English - I prefer 3 days snowboarding over a week on the beach (unless there's killer surf).

If this game is still running, I'll have to pass it on. For the English version I would like to tag Disgust a.k.a. Revenue Girl a.k.a. Sarah(?), Cristian Mezei TM, Old Welsh Guy a.k.a. James, McFox (EDIT: I now see Bulbboy already tagged him) and last but most certainly not least the very talented Lukas Niklasson - but I'm not sure he actually has a blog.

The Dutch version I'd like to pass on to Joost de Valk. Joost is een zeer getalenteerde collega SEO/SEM (ZoekMachineMarketeer) wie zich elke keer met wijze woorden boven de rest uit doet steken. Ook iemand met wie ik nog eens een biertje of twee wil gaan drinken!

I won't be contacting any of the above directly so I hope they read my blog! Or their referrer logs, I'll referrer-spam each now...

Then finally, happy new year every body!


Anonymous Cristian Mezei said...

You're the fourth person that tagged me ... I really have to make that post Johan... :)

December 31, 2006  
Blogger Bulbboy said...

Happy New Year, you draughts-playing, life-guarding, bilingual Tiësto fan you.


January 01, 2007  
Blogger Vicious Summer said...

"4. A nice guy I only ever met online has sent me a 32" Sony Bravia LCD TV for free last month. No, I did not perform live on webcams doing dodgy stuff in exchange :D"

I hope your mom doesn't read your blog. That just sounds bad (even though I know the real story)...;)

January 03, 2007  
Anonymous Jarodboy said...

Hey, give me the contact of that friend with spare Bravias, my living room Tv is broken! :ppppp

January 09, 2007  
Blogger Joost de Valk said...

Heh, you've tagged me in Dutch, however I blog in English :) and ehm... I've already done a post on it as well.

January 12, 2007  
Anonymous Kotje said...

Vrint! Eindelijk neem ik eens de moeite om je blog te checken en er staat erlijk waar ook coole shit op!
We hadden dus ECHT naar Tiesto moeten gaan!! GVD!
Maar ooit komt de dag dat wij afreizen naar Ibiza om daar een week lang aan 1 stuk door te stuiteren op de muziek van alle vette DJs van de hele wereld!
Verder stond er bij al je interessante blog vragen gewoon niets wat ik nog niet wist, dus dat zegt maar even wie hier een ECHT vriend is!!

Laters, check je 9 mrt op Gatwick!

Gaan we sony bravia eens misbruiken!


February 08, 2007  

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