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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Sunday, October 1

WTB: Slick TextPattern SEF Template - Will Pay Good Money!

As you may have noticed, this blog looks like a pile of shite. I'm moving it away from Blogger to a self-hosted TextPattern installation and I need a template designed.

Rather then the usual route of me finding someone on GAF or other places, I'm waiting for a talent to drop me a line and reveal their interest in this job.


- Needs to look the proverbial bollocks.
- Needs to be extremely well SEOed.
- Needs to be able to withstand Digg attacks etc.
- Needs a couple TP plug-ins installed.

If 2.0 is the current hype, this needs to be 3.0!

Leave a comment here or PM me on Digital Point if you're the woman/man who can deliver.


Anonymous Joost de Valk said...

Drop me a line, i might be able to help :)

October 06, 2006  

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