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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Saturday, October 14

Multiple Speakers with Airport Express

Ever since updating iTunes to 6.0.2. I've had the option to play my tunes over more than just one set of speakers. Problem was, one of my Airport Express base stations had an old firmware. Firmware 6.3 is required to support this. I've not been in a hurry to upgrade because I was expecting delays between the two sets of speakers...

Today the 'old' Airport Express disappeared from my iTunes and I couldn't retrieve it with the admin utility. So I had an excuse to reset it to factory default and re-install it with the setup utility, upgrading the firmware to 6.3 whilst at it. All went smooth and to my very pleasant surprise, despite there being 12 meters and two (false) walls between the two stations, there's absolutely no delays/lag in playback. To celebrate I cranked up Arctic Monkeys' 'When the sun goes down' and airguitarred back and forth between kitchen and lounge.

This really is a neat feature! Can't wait for video streaming.

BTW there is one GUI problem with this multi speaker playback. You can't adjust the volume individually, there's only one volume slider in the iTunes interface which affects both Airport Expresses. My Keyspan remote control which is hooked up to the AE in the kitchen still works but also controls the volume of the speakers in the lounge... Apple, please fix it will you?!


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