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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Saturday, April 8

Photo Phun

I've been impressed with the Kodak EasyShare DX7440 ever since I bought it in December 2004. It wasn't particularly cutting edge at the time but its 4 megapixel, 4x optical zoom capabilities have served me well and still offer me great pictures. The DX7440's advanced settings are way out of my not-even-a-hobby-photographer's comfort zone but they offered me some impressive pictures nontheless. Here a couple of cool shots I wanted to show off.

First of all, inspired by a Makezine feature, my transparent background:

Lounging with a Powerbook is fantastic! If I had the patience to play a bit more with the lighting etc. I could make it virtually see-through.

[Edit] Played a bit more, inspired by this great shot. Got my transparent desktop aligned pretty well eventually though my arm to hand transition gives it away (see shadow and lighting of the two).

Then some air-hockey fun. The blacklight illuminates the little white disc. Keep the shutter open and follow its trajectory...

Next a shot with that same camera but taken by my friend Sander, this is the famous London landmark the Tower Bridge. It took a few snaps before we got the lighting settings correct but the results are pretty impressive I thought.

Even under water it did its job very well... Disclaimer: No photographers were harmed during the making of this blog post.

Only joking :) Shot safely from behind 10cm thick plexiglass.

I've got three 15" LCD screens lined up on my desk at the office, that should make for an interesting 'transparent desktop' project. I'll try to do so sneakily and wait till someone notices...

What do you think of my photography skills?


Anonymous Al said...

I'm impressed. I've not seen thet tranasparent screen effect before, very cool.

May 09, 2006  
Blogger Shawn said...

Wow, that's really f'ing cool man.

May 11, 2006  
Anonymous yfs1 said...

Talk about realistic...I can nearly smell your manky feet from here

Seriously, thats pretty cool

May 17, 2006  
Blogger Bazkaz said...

Pretty cool looking Johan. I hadn't seen that before either.

May 20, 2006  
Anonymous Scott said...

Cool, it must have been really gratifying to know that you had to leave that room a friggin mess and couldn't tidy up as it would affect the continuity ;)

May 23, 2006  
Blogger Janneke said...

Wow, really nice indeed!
I just bought the Kodak EasyShare V550, similar to yours only a bit newer, smaller, prettier and geekier! ;)
And I must say I’m very impressed with my fabulous camera as well, it works beautifully!

June 07, 2006  
Anonymous Mike said...

WOW, it's really cool.
Quite impressive dude!

June 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow that rocks man
Amit Patel

August 18, 2006  

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