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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Sunday, March 5

Control Your Mac/PC From Your Bluetooth Phone

I wanted to use my mobile phone as a remote to control my Powerbook, mainly for iTunes etc. A quick Google session found me Salling Clicker, a cool bit of kit that turns your phone into a clever remote control for all sorts of software packages. But it doesn't support my Siemens SK65. Using the S65 installer didn't work unfortunately.

Luckily, it didn't take long to find alternatives to the popular Salling Clicker. Romeo is one such application. Similar idea yet again, my phone not supported. Romeo actually only supports a handful of phones.

If you want to control iTunes on your PC, there's this software which also uses a bluetooth connection to interface between your phone and your computer. But I want a Mac solution!

Hopefully Salling will add the SK65 soon. Being a German company, they might add more Siemens models sooner rather than later.


Blogger Oliver said...


This is already built-into the powerbook. At least for Sony Ericsson phones it is.

Literally just connect, check the box that says 'let this phone control the computer' ~ or whatever it is, then you're laughing...

Easy Peazy.

March 06, 2006  
Blogger Johan said...

Didn't know that but I don't have a Sony Erickson. Will have a look tonight, thanks for the tip.

March 06, 2006  

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