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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Monday, May 9

A Personal Business Coach

Having a close working relationship with a personal business coach or mentor is priceless. Finding things out yourself can be great but getting a quick and concise anwer from a person who has 'been there and done that' and accumulated many years of business experience is invaluable in many cases. Being able to build businesses as the right wing of seniors who have been coaching and training other mentees for many years makes ones hourly wage almost irrelevant.

Business coaching is an interesting concept though. Business success is mostly down to personal development with just the right bit of business tactics. As long as you clearly define your dreams and can communicate your intentions, the business part of it isn't that complicated at all. What's funny though is the many personal development mentors and individual business coaching gurus that can't actually show any achievements of themselves.

Over the last 18 months I have been working closely with Martin Heller. He is a principal associate of the Guthrie Group, an Investment Consortium focused on arranging appropriate financing for management groups wanting to achieve growth and add value, based at Guthrie Castle, Scotland. What I've learned in those months exceeds the value of academic education by miles. Enjoying the company of a personal development and business mentor like him makes life so much more interesting. And via Martin I get to learn Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) methodoly which focusses on quantum growth. Aim high and think big. Dan Peña is is Founder and Chairman of The Guthrie Group and king of the Guthrie Castle. He has built business worth over $400 million dollar from scratch and at times completely against the conventional odds. Via Martin and his connections with Dan and the rest of the Group I'm in a great position of developing necessary skills and gaining priceless experience in order to quantum grow myself.

I 'd like to encourage all of you who read this and have dreams still unfulfilled to find a quality personal business coach or mentor who can help you achieve what you want in life as well as in business. But don't just listen to anyone who wrote a book about making a million. Find someone who really made it. Who is where you want to be and not just selling an e-book about their 'success'. Dan Peña offers a 150% money back guarantee on his Castle seminars just in case your not blown away by QLA methodology. I doubt anyone will ever take him up on that offer. A bold statement like that sets apart a true business coach from a 'Mickey Mouse' ebook salesman.

Access to a personal business coach should be for life; not just when things are rough within your organisation.

Consultation from The Quantum Organization or one of Dan's products could be a good first step for you. If you want advice and guidance from a "real live, honest-to-God, super successful high-performance, street-smart entrepreneur"; be sure to check out Dan Peña's Mentor Programme.