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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Tuesday, November 15

Google Talks! The Oracle Will Speak...

Fellow Dutchman and Google Engineer Douwe Osinga posted this nifty tool on his blog (see link below). Type 3 or 4 words and the tool will finish your sentence based on Google's vast index of written information. It also works in languages other than English. You get some pretty funny sentences at times.

It manages to finish common riddles and songs almost perfectly, create grammatically sort of coherent sentences and it even completes the famous Lorem Ipsum string of content filler.

Typing "Google buys Yahoo and Microsoft" makes the Oracle return:

Google buys Yahoo and Microsoft did not have a Pilot s license. and has been a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association, of Congregations in North America. and Europe for the treatment of Prisoners. of war, shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions, of Use. the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use applicable to This site. and is not responsible for the content of any such communications, nor for any error, defamation, LIBEL, slander, omission, FALSEHOOD, OBSCENITY, PORNOGRAPHY, profanity, danger or inaccuracy contained in any information within such locations on THE site.
Why not try it yourself...

Google talk
Google Hack
Douwe Osinga

Calling this "Google Talks" seems an odd choice, considering one of Google's other tools is called Google Talk already!


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