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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Monday, August 15

Google Store on osCommerce

OK this may not be anything new but I stumbled upon the Google Store today and noticed the European version runs on the osCommerce platform. It's not actually Google themselves who built the shop however, in the footer it says:

Produced for Google Inc. by Merchandise Mania Limited.
Apart from getting rid of most stock installation info boxes, it's pretty similar to a standard osCommerce installation.

Merchant Mania Limited introduces themselves as follows:

Merchandise Mania offers a professional and reliable service for the provision of all your business gifts and promotional products, from artwork generation through to sourcing, production and distribution.

Simon Patnick is Merchandise Mania's MD and former Chaptor Director of Business Network International (BNI) , a business referral organisation. I wonder whether he picked up this deal at BNI. Growth Business said in October '04:

Patnick’s business is now turning over in excess of £1 million, and is expanding in the UK and abroad.
This Google Store only accepts payment via WorldPay which is a bit disappointing considering they are more or less representing a big company like Google. Turning over a million through WorldPay is wasting a lot of money in my opinion (assuming that's the only platform they use - if it wasn't then why use WorldPay for this only?).

Good to see Google is OK with havnig their name and fame on osCommerce though.


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