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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Monday, August 15

Google "Dissatified?" / Revisions Inline Results + Error

Google just started offering alternative search results, just after displaying the top 5 for your initial result. I 'Google' every day and had never seen this before.

Try this search for 'piggy bank'. I get 5 results related to my search phrase and then the following apparently new feature:

Dissatisfied? See results for: piggy bank lyrics

50 Cent - Piggy Bank Lyrics
50 Cent Lyrics, Piggy Bank Lyrics. ... Piggy Bank Lyrics (50 Cent). 50 Cent -
Piggy Bank Lyrics [Chorus x2- 50 Cent] Clickity clank clickity clank The money ...

(Also see screenshot.)
They seem to realize they get it wrong every now and then and this is an attampt at increasing the cances of getting it right for the individual doing the search. Their alternative suggestion had nothing to do with what I was searching for so it's actually wasting space for me and it's distracting as well. The feature is called 'Revisions Inline' by Google as you can see from hovering over the suggested links.

My guess is that Google aims this feature at those who search in way too general terms whilst really looking for something current. I'd imagine they tie this in with their Zeit Geist data to try and guess what the searcher really meant to search for. I'm no 50 Cent fan but assuming the above scenario is what Google has in mind, my guess is that 'Piggy Bank' is a recent hit of 50 Cent and Google was guessing I was after that instead of a pig to put money in. Wrong!

Has anyone else seen this feature on other keyword phrases yet?

The error I'm referring to in this Blog post's title has to do with this feature in a way. To make sure I wasn't posting old news I did this search. It brings up just one result. Clicking on it will actually put the mamamusings.net domain in my address bar but the page displayed is a Google results set for the search phrase 'jay is'. I have no idea where that came from. Let me know if you can replicate this.


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