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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Thursday, May 19

Watch TV On Your Mobile Phone

UK Nokia 6680 owners on the Orange or 3 network can soon be watching their favourite time-wasting TV programs (Big Brother and Celebrity Love Island) on their handset wherever they are.

Pay GBP 10 a month and you can receive live TV on your Nokia 6680 3G mobile phone. The full list of channels available includes: ITN News, CNN, Big Brother, Celebrity Love Island, Comedy Time, Cartoon Network, Toon World, Fashion TV and extreme sports. BB and CLI fans will be able to tune in whenever they want on the dedicated mobile phone TV channels.

The French and Romanians have been enjoying this mobile phone TV functionality since last year but now UK based Nokia 6680 3G users on Orange and 3 can do the same. They can download additional software for free to enable their Nokia 6680 for TV reception in 3G coverage areas.

It would be nice to be able to watch TV on your mobile phone but I don't like the Nokia 6680.


Blogger Sarah said...

Just saw this blog line at Digitalpoint. A friend who works for Telecom New Zealand came round last night and was showing us how it works.

Pretty cool but the pricing hasn't been announced yet. Given past conversations about how the company is focussed on increasing their revenue from that sector it looks 100% like they're just trying to find ways to make kids use their phones more.

Given that cellphones were designed to free us up I guess this just extends it - but I also see kids being slaves to the things too. Can't move an inch without someone sending a text or making a call. That aint freedom.

May 26, 2005  
Blogger Johan said...

I haven't seen it work myself yet Sarah but I'm normally not the very first to jump at things when they're still expensive.

And as you can see in this post I'm not a heavy user either.

Being a network provider must be a goldmine though. People either pay you upfront so you can sit on their money for weeks or they pay in bundles most never use up entirely. All free money to them.

I actually got into WAP site design over 7 years ago, I wonder how that functionality has grown since then.

June 01, 2005  
Blogger Stephen Munday said...

Just saw this on Digitalpoint as well.

We have had this in Japan for a while. What is new here is that you can now have your phone record the show you are watching.

I don't know how much recording capacity these Vodaphone cellphones have, but the TV commercial shows a girl recording a cooking show on her phone and then replaying it as she goes round the store buying the ingredients with her friend.

I guess they had to come up with something to convince customers that this was a feature they might actually need at some stage...

June 02, 2005  
Blogger Johan said...


Thanks for dropping by!

That's interesting what you say there, hadn't thought about the possibility yet. I guess with Flash/MMC cards nowadays being very affordable, sheer dtorage space isn't much of an issue in terms of availability and/or cost.

It's a pretty useful idea I have to say. Be bored on your commuting journey back home, watch this show, record it, get off the train for a quick supermarket run, replay it and get all you need. Not a bad concept.

I still think that TV/Radio are behind as a medium of communication compared with technology available. I'd like to see way more 'on-demand' features. I spent most of yesterday watching TV, feeling a bit rough. I hardly ever spend time watching TV and it reminded me how annoying it all was.

It made me wonder how much it would cost the end-viewer to watch exactly what they want and without advertisements. I'd probably be interested in such a deal. Pay more (to compensate for lost advertising revenue) but get exactly what you want.

It will go in that direction eventually I think. I've already heard about VCRs/DVD recorders which can tell when ads begin so they don't record them.

Thanks for sharing your experience from the other side of the globe.


June 05, 2005  
Blogger The Critic said...

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October 07, 2005  

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