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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Saturday, April 9

Messenger Service Spam Solution

Been getting these annoying pop-ups all day. I'm not even signed in to Messenger but these 'Messenger Service' notifications keep coming every 15 minutes or so. The messages are:

Windows has detected errors with your registry. Due to these errors, your PC will be unstable and crash. You might even experience that your PC is running slower than normal.

Visit www.Registry-Do[broken to defeat their purpose]ctor.com to fix your PC.


There are invalid entries in your System Registry. Your System Registry contains a numerous amount of information about your System. if this is corrupt in anyway, you will have error messages, experience poor system performance, and an array of other problems.

Please visit www.Win-Cl[broken to defeat their purpose]ean.com for more information.
Note the poor spelling and grammar!


Message from SECURITY MONITOR to WINDOWS USER on [date]

Important Windows Security Bulletin
Buffer Overrun in Messenger Service Allows Remote Code Execution,
Virus Infection and Unexpected Computer Shutdowns

Affected Software:

[more crap]
They only have an 'OK' button so they seem a bit scary but don't actually launch anything fortunately. I only found one result in Google when searching part of this message in double quotation marks so thought I'd better post them so others can find the solution I found.

Profdlp from Short-Media Forums advises to disable the "Messenger" service in Control Panel (under Administrative Tools>>Computer Management>>Services and Applications>>Services).


Blogger PeopleBryson said...

For some reason I thought this Messenger spam thing was dead since I haven't see a messenger spam in like 2 years. I have the free addition of zone alarm which I think is the reason why I never get any messenger spams. I hope I am not responding to an old post.

April 20, 2005  
Blogger Johan said...


I run ZoneLabs' free version of ZoneAlarm as well and saw this come up.

It's not an old post, it's from early this year. And judging by my access logs, there are loads of people with this problem. Of the last 37 people who found my blog via Search Engines like Google, 8 typed in a search phrase to do with this Messenger Spam issue. So it's far from dead.

I hope this solution works out for all of you, please leave some feedback whether it does or doesn't.


June 05, 2005  

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