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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Wednesday, April 20

Are You Afraid Of Success?

I'm not! I completed Charles S. Carver's Life Orientation Test on Dan Pena's site and scored high on the Success Test. My score was -1 which indicates a healthy dose of faith in my ability to succeed in life.

My Depression Test score leaves room for improvement (understatement) but analysis of the questions and my answers after the test shows I misunderstood an important question from the list, skewing the end result.

I scored 17 on the Optimism Test which is above average based on research by Carver.

So what's the use of this?

If you don't know the current state you are in, it's almost impossible to improve. And especially when you 'live' on the internet it's easy to slip in a habit of low interaction with the real world, loosing sight of role models and good examples of highly developed personalities along the way.

On the online forum circuit I regularly bump into individuals who claim to be successful in what they do but still underperform in the most basic areas of communication and social interaction. They seem to have been shut off from real life examples for too long, building their online world/business. They think they're 'it' and think low of anybody with lesser achievements. And in most cases, their 'achievement' doesn't even sort them from the boys yet in real terms.

But instead of continuing the progression they stagnate and loose focus. Exponential growth becomes linear and flattens out eventually. They settle in their comfort zone surrounded by high walls coloured with perceived success.

A test like this one can be repeated on set intervals as a reality check. If there is no improvement in the scores and/or poor results on the bank statements, help should be sought. Surrounding yourself physically with the right people, especially people better than you, people smarter than you, people older than you and people richer than you can quickly make you realize you're far from 'it' and put your arse back into gear and regain that exponential line of personal and business growth.

As industrialist Thomas J. Watson put it: "If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate." Staying anaesthetised in your comfort zone will result in a bitter ending far from the pictures you were dreaming about... Are you afraid to step out if it?


Blogger Shawn said...

Yikes, there were some questions on there that if you answer "yes" to, you probably need help of some sort... like, "Others would be better off if I died."

But I took it...

Success = 6 (moderately at risk for self-sabotaging behavior)
Depression = 28 (greater than 30 you need to seek psychological help)
Optimism = 22 (extreme optimist)

So what does that make me? A moderately self sabotaging optimist that almost needs psychological help. Gee, I'm glad I took that one... hehe

April 28, 2005  
Blogger Sander said...

I'll have a look at it and let you know about the results! Dude Johan, contact me by e-mail / Skype / MSN when you have the opportunity. Nou we mutte snel even een potsje drinke, nou!

June 03, 2005  

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