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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Friday, February 25

Another Creative eBay Business Idea

We know eBay is doing well for themselves and they're not quite finished yet. The worlds largest online auction service provider is still busy acquiring their way even further to the top.

Not only is the company making loads of money for itself, eBay is making its merchants a fair bit of money too. That's why we keep seeing interesting auctions popping up like the guy who sold adspace on his forehead.

This is the latest innovation I came accross:

Your personal shopping slave.

This guy will take your personal shopping list with him on a shopping spree and ship the goods off to your lazy ass at home.

Ocado only just posted their first quarterly profit after 4 years of home delivery; I wonder how our friend WES over at eBay is going to pull it off!


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