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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Wednesday, January 26

Open Source - You CAN Do That!

Even after spending 13.5 hours at the office today coding my way through chunks of PHP I am still well exited about today's Open Source software. You might have to tweak things more to get it to do exactly what you want it to do but the end result beats just about anything else on the market.

Take the Mozilla FireFox web browser for instance. Fantastic out of the box but adding a handful of extensions really makes a differenc eto your online life. Tabbed browsing saves on all the clutter, the solid code base saves on all the trojans and other shite, about:config gives you direct access to the core and nifty extensions like Weather Forecast, GoogleBar, WebDeveloper and FoxyTunes to control your favourite media player just make browsing wunderbar. No reason to ever go back that other browser. Did I mention it's free (and legal) to download?

Another Open Source joint development software package I've started working with recently is osCommerce. It's possibilities are just endless. The core installation can run any type of online shop but it's only when you start installing Contributions or hacking your own path through the code that you really start enjoying it. Makes you wonder why you've been paying so much money for that very restrictive 3d party e-commerce solution. Apache, Zend (PHP), MySQL, Linux and the osCommerce Open Source community have created a mighyt fast, ever expandable super car and put me in the driving seat. Fantastic! 200 Mph on Innovation Boulevard.

It's all very exciting stuff but I do feel like my days as a die-hard coder geek are numbered. Bill Gates doesn't code himself anymore either. And when I see myself post things like "Coop IBLs without rel=nofollow marginally improve PR but really boost SERPs in the SEs" in the Digital Point Forums I sometimes scratch my head and wonder what my girlfriend would think of me writing such seemingly meaningless crap. Building my own ventures has begun. ..

A few great quotes from the osCommerce website:
tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand
logic will get you from A to B - imagination will take you anywhere
With Open Source software, you CAN do that!


Blogger Michael said...

Your statements on OSCommerce and Open Source are dead on!

After my being a past president of a large Microsoft computer user group and director of a Microsoft solution provider, it has become quite obvious to me that Open Source is the way to go with web development.

I have quite a few clients using OSCommerce (and PHP) and the only thing slowing down their acheivement is the need for better quality OSCommerce/PHP coders.

May 10, 2005  

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