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A Periodic (P)review Of Leaping Forward

By: Johan

Thursday, January 25

Kick Start Your Forum With ICo-Content!

When was the last time you posted in a dead forum?

That's right. Never! So how do you expect to get the ball rolling on your own forum?

Have you tried...

  • Chatting to yourself under multiple usernames?

  • Hiring forum posters who don't have any interest in your forum's topic?

  • Scraping content or fetching it from RSS?

  • Running expensive contests only to find the #1 forum troll winning it again?

All those so-called solutions cost a lot of time and potentially a lot of cash without any significant result. That's why I coded...


Instant Community Content for your Forum!

Get the ball rolling...

As an easy to install plugin to either phpBB2 or vBulletin >= 3.5 this is the solution for all those who need to start a forum from scratch or face the daunting task of reviving an inactive bulletin board.

ICo-Content queries Yahoo! Answers via the offical Yahoo! Developer API and retrieves questions as well as anwers matching the topics you set in the admin panel.

I used ICo-Content to kick start my vB 3.6.4 forum and within a week the forum was full of high quality threads and good discussion. After trying paid posting and having problems with low quality posts, threads illegaly copied from other forums and other issues ICo-Content is the easiest and most efficient way to start a forum.


Demo: See ICo-Content in action!

More Information...